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Clinical results and algorithms play a central role in modern patient care. International experts developed this program which collects, in a clear and simple way, useful clinical results and diagnostic algorithms in the field of thrombosis and hemostasis..


Each algorithm includes the name and a brief interpretation highlighting the most important aspects of each of them, with some representative references.


We hope this program can guide clinicians in choosing the diagnostic and therapeutic strategies, answering some of the questions that may arise in the treatment of thrombosis and coagulation disorders.




iHemostasis is the application with educational character, devoted to the mechanisms of hemostasis (including animated coagulation cascade) and analysis of clinical cases based on the patient's medical history, laboratory findings, INR, anticoagulant monitoring, etc.).


This application is designed to:


- Doctors and pharmacists

- Laboratory health workers

- Students of Medicine and Pharmacy




Blood gas preanalytics

Studies show that preanalytical errors cause 62% of all errors in laboratory medicine. Diagnostic consequences depend on the size of preanalytical errors. In all cases, these errors are an additional burden for the hospital staff.


This application focuses on the pre-analytical phase of testing blood gas, and what operators can do to avoid mistakes.


Recommendations are based on existing literature and best international practices.


Blood gas handbook

Status of gases in the blood plays a key role in evaluating the condition of critically ill patients. 


The amount of data that should be interpreted can be very complicated.


Radiometer manual for analysis of gases in the blood is a simple guide that will help you in this task.


The application offers guidelines for the assessment of arterial oxygen based on a comprehensive analysis of blood gases (including oximetry), metabolic parameters and lactate.

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