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In our distribution portfolio, we are proud to claim some of the most important companies in the world market.


ReMed d.o.o. is exclusive distributor :

Stago, France, the world leader in hemostasis and thrombosis, present in over 110 countries with 350 product, representing the widest range of the reagents and the test instruments.

LKBAustria, leader in the field of diagnosis of allergies and autoimmune diseases, innovatively applied in the world's most famous system - Phadia.

Critical Diagnostics, USA, leading developer of ST2 tests. This simple, non-invasive test measures for soluble ST2 in the blood, which can aid physicians in risk assessment of heart failure patients.

Antisel, USA, leaders in the field of molecular and DNA diagnostics and analytics. Among the first, they have developed KRAS and BRAF genes analyses for cytostatics therapy determination.


Hart Biologicals Ltd., UK, company specialized in the field of coagulation: by using proven expertise in the field of haemostasis and platelet function, Hart Bio is engaged in research, development and manufacturing of products for detection, prevention and monitoring of medical conditions related to it.

Samsung TFS, USA, that integrates the latest science and technology breaktrough and give a completely new insight in emergencies.

Accriva Diagnostics, USA, is a leading diagnostic company focused on creating best in class products that provide more timely, precise information, leading to improved treatment outcomes.

Norma Diagnostika, Austria, specializing in in vitro diagnostics. Norma sets a new standard in diagnostics, and is focused on increasing comfort in application for users and patients.

DynaMesh, Germany, leading developer of textile implants. Product range include textile implants for modern hernia and stoma surgery, urogynaecology, prophylaxis and for the surgical treatment of urinary incontinence and pelvic floor descent.

Comed, Netherland, specialized as supplier of cardiovascular medical technology devices dedicated to improve the quality of life of patients and the daily work of the physicians.

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